Launch Day - A great start

As you know we started the public push of Text Is Beautiful yesterday and besides a few growing pains we were happy with how things went. Overall, we had about 200 visitors to the site and discovered a few bugs we were quick to remedy. We were happy with how it went and we think it is a great platform to build from.

Besides the actual mechanics of the launch, we also saw a couple of pieces of encouraging feedback which is always good. The first came from Jonathan Feinberg, the inventor of Wordle, via a blog post. is a beautiful site, and I highly recommend it.

Jonathan's work with Wordle was probably the biggest reason why we started this site. We loved the aesthetics of the Word Clouds he produced and we wanted to add some text analytics technology to them so they could be used more as a tool to understand the underlying text. It was very encouraging for us to hear that he liked the site.

The next good piece of feedback was in the form of a post at Forbes written by Haydn Shaughnessy. The entire post is a great example of one of the places we see this technology being really useful. Haydn collected some news stories via a Google News search and used Text Is Beautiful to visualise and draw insight from their text content. He finished the article with a statement we strongly agree with:

As information becomes too voluminous I am convinced we need these tools in our daily lives. They are as important as the written word.

We couldn't of put it better ourselves. Thanks Jonathan and Haydn.


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