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House Cleaning and Publicity

It has been a while since we updated the blog so we thought we'd give everyone a quick update on what has been happening on recently.

Firstly, we have cleaned up the blog commenting system. We have added a spam filter and turned out trackbacks. The lesson here is don't publish a blog without appropriate spam filtering on comments. If you do, you will get absolutely inundated with spam. Soon we will also add a captcha to the commenting system to stop our databases filling up.

Next, we made some incremental improvements to the site ...

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Beyond Word Clouds - Part 2

If you haven't already, why not check out the first article in this series. It covers the Text Is Beautiful Concept Cloud, whereas this piece is concerned with the Concept Web.

Below is a Concept Cloud and Concept Web for reviews of the Sydney Opera House on TripAdvisor.

At first glance, the Concept Web might appear more complicated than the Concept Cloud, however, we believe that it is actually easier to interpret after becoming familiar with it. Let's take a closer look...

What is similar to the Cloud?

  • Themes - Like the Concept Cloud, the Concept Web represents distinct ...

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